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Science [ admin ]

How do scientific principles and research inform the study of local and global issues? Have your students explore the global nature of the world of science! On this page, you will find all the activities in our database that relate to science.

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Educational Games

  • Vegetable Planting

    Vegetable Planting
    Grow peppers, beans, tomatoes in the "small" "medium" " big" boxes. Learn simple English words "small/big" through repetition. Water the plants and watch them grow! Then count the...

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  • Explore The Outback

    Explore The Outback
    This game teaches students about different living organisms in Australian Outback. Explains the meaning of an ecosystems and asks kids to take pictures of living organisms in the...

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  • Mission Migration

    Mission Migration
    Learn about birds that migrate and how human activity such as using pesticides affects them. Mission: Migration exposes the threats of negative human activity on the migration of...

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